Alien before invasion send the earth some puzzles to test the human intelligence. You should solve all quizzes as quickly as possible and show them they better back off.

Plusynaps is a training game for a better concentration and for a better ability to recognize complex interrelationships. The objects are arranged horizontally and or vertically into a 4x4 matrix. They are in one or more contexts in relation with each other. You have to identify the logical relations between the objects in order to get the right solution which is one of the eight options listed below the Matrix.

Three tries per level are possible. The faster the response the higher the score. The overall result is better the higher the score at lower response time.

This highly addictive game will put your mind to a higher level. 87 unique Levels are available. Even repeating a Level will always bring a new objects constellation with the same logical relationships. You will never want to miss this app as your personal brain trainer.

For optimal visibility, the following options may be used:
- One finger pull gesture to move.
- Two finger spread gesture to zoom.

The following examples show the relations and there solutions:

The matching element is the addition of all other elements.

It is a repetition of the the same elements in different colors and in a different order.

All elements have a common object of the same color at the same location.

The difference D1 between the first two elements is determined. The difference between D1 and the next element is part of the solution.

The elements are from one position to the next one clockwise or counter-clockwise 45 degrees rotated.

Up to 3 relations can be combined in a level. Here for example the addition and the difference.

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