Cubes Scud 3D

Discover the pleasure smashing blowing & blasting cubes with rockets and trigger combo explosions and exciting cascades reactions.
The adventure time with this addictive match3 challenging puzzles awaits. Enjoy this 3D shooter with awesome graphic effects and beautiful sounds. It is easy to learn but hard to master. 2 playing modes are available quiz and arcade.

- Free to play. Give it a try.
- Easy to learn: first 6 levels are learning levels to show you how to play.
- 144 exciting levels in quiz mode to keep your mind fresh (6x2-steps-levels & 3x3-steps-levels).
- 99 additional inspiring levels in arcade mode.
- Real OpenGL 3D game with Awesome Graphics effects.
- Awesome sounds.
- Quiz and Arcade Leader boards to compete with your friends and the bests in the world.
- 10 Achievements you can be proud to attain and show off your friends.
- Also suitable for tablets.

How to play:
The cubes have 3 different state: cold blue, warm yellow and hot red. After a missile hit:
- Blue cubes change to yellow.
- Yellow cubes change to red.
- Red cubes will explode.
3 or more cubes of the same color touching each other will all be simultaneously affected with a single missile hit and in a chain reaction they will influence their direct neighbors of other colors.
You have to find out which combination of cubes to shoot so you can burst them all.

In the quiz mode your per level mission is to destroy all the cubes with the missiles available in the specified time.

In the arcade mode you have to achieve as mush levels as possible in the available time to get the highest score possible. If you destroy all the cubes with the per level provided rockets you'll get the highest score and a time bonus of 1 min. If you blow more than 18 cubes at once you'll get 1 rocket bonus. I you run out of rockets and still have time you can repeat the level.

Try it out now and join the competition.

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